Stop F-ing Around: A Year of Paying Attention 

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A Whole Year of Weekly Workshops!? 

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Become: you

Take up the skills, the strength, and the support to stand in your own core knowing and being. Self-study and practice give you new power. There's just one of you--make it the best. 

Respond From Clarity

Over the course of the year, you become crystal clear about your values, your priorities, and how to respond to life from those values. Clarity means better decision-making.

More Joy + Fun + Ease

This year will build your capacity for purposeful effort. Choose your actions mindfully. Instead of falling into situations, practice creating what you want for your life. Get started now.

Communicate Effectively

Say what you gotta say. Create + maintain boundaries. Build capacity for compassion and connection. Create community. Stay centered. See relationships flourish.

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Is this extraordinary opportunity for you? 

Stop F-ing Around: A Year of Paying Attention

If you want to move forward but are spinning in place, this course is for you.
If you already love your life, and you know there's more at the next level, this course is for you.
If you're tired of complaining, this course is for you.
This year-long set of mini-workshops will give you everything you need to set your soul on fire.
Stop F-ing Around: A Year of Paying Attention is exactly what it sounds like: a gentle and supportive kick in the pants so you can
become more mindful, more content, and more who you want to be.
I invite you on a journey unlike anything you've done before. You, along with your small, well-facilitated cohort, will explore how
you became who you are today, what you want to keep, and what you're ready to transform or build anew.
We will work through engaging small-group discussion, review of research on well-being, movement, yoga, meditation,
breathwork, writing and communication exercises, and observance of natural rhythms and seasons.

You'll have more joy, more clarity, more purposeful action, more ability to stand in your own values and for your priorities. You'll take better care of yourself and open the door to more options for the life you want.

Part writers' workshop, part yoga class, part mindfulness study group, part body awareness, and part support circle--this online course is an engaging, sometimes hilarious, always worth doing year of becoming who you want to be. You don't have to do life alone.  

Let's do it. Together. 

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Is it finally time: for you?

“It is humbling to think that being present and nonjudgmental is perhaps the hardest work in the world, and the most necessary,”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction

In a world of tumult and uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we are caring for our selves so that we can stand true to who we are, to be connected to our favorite people, and to do the work that the world is waiting for from us. Stop F-ing Around: A Year of Paying Attention is a weekly set of mini workshops that will give you the skills, practices, mindset, and community to become more fully who you are so you can do what you're meant to do in this life. Sign up for an interview here. Join us for the course that begins the week of March 21, 2021. 

Here's what graduates of this course are saying...


"Two and a half years later, I draw on the work that
I did with Anne every day, multiple times…Working
with Anne is a really wise investment. It enhanced
many of the relationships I have, it helped me be able
to set boundaries better and learn how to be more
present in relationships."

Development Director


"Being a part of Anne O’Connor’s workshop was truly
transformational to me in my life. (It) provided me
the support I needed to take the steps and do the hard
work and hold myself accountable to making
the choices that were best for me to move my life
forward in a way that feels amazing today."


Marketing Manager

Anne O'Connor:

course creator and facilitator

Hi, I'm Anne. I am committed to your good life. I want you to become who you want to be because no one else has exactly your mix of brilliance. We need you and all you've got! 

For decades, I've been deep in inner work--how do we take care of ourselves, see the patterns in our lives and create more options than simply following our habits? How do we plan for life to work and still thrive even when it doesn't work out like we thought it would?

I've been fortunate to have excellent teachers over many years and that training, in addition to my life experience, allows me to bring you the most effective, engaging, and soul-filling work there is out there.

You'll feel better, you'll know better, and you'll do better. 

I'm in this to help create lives of contribution. We all need one another to do the work that the world is calling us to. 

Will you answer that call? 

Stop F-ing Around is fundamentally about getting clear on who you are, building a deep love and respect for that person, and building your best gifts from there. 

I have a lot of practical successes that you can read about here. But fundamentally, my best skill is bringing you the right work at the right time and standing by your side to help you take it up in your own life, in your own way.

That's what I'm here for. 

Let's talk and see if we want to do this work together. 

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1. Sign up for an interview with Anne,

2. Sign up to the course.

3. Become who you want to be.

4. Change your world.

It really is like that. It really is your time to Stop F-ing Around

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Because we believe that these communities must be not only represented, but also centered in the work we do, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities. Go here to apply for a scholarship. Deadline for financial aid scholarship is March 5. Scholarship awards will be announced March 12, 2021.