Be Well to Do Good: the Retreat

Join us to come fully alive and kickstart your most meaningful life?
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Are you ready for deep relaxation, body-deep knowing, and fresh eyes?    

Join me, Anne O'Connor, and a small group of fun and fantastic women leaders for a soul-nurturing and life-changing week on the beach this January. The past two years have been rough for many of us. In this retreat we'll reset, recenter, and revive. We'll learn what we need to alleviate pain in three key areas of our lives so we stand in the world with genuine power and in our full integrity. It will be a blast!

We gather at the incomparable Villa Mar Caribe, close to Tulum, Mexico with its rich history of the Maya people who have called the Yucatan Peninsula home for thousands of years.

In the jungle, on the beach, with the salty ocean breezes in our faces, we will take up important practices designed to give you everything you need to build the best relationship of your life to your body, your mind, and your favorite people. We'll learn to rise and fall with the waves instead of fighting against them. We'll learn to see the world from different angles and how to navigate masterfully. We'll use conversation, movement, writing, and fresh perspectives to remind us what role we play in our lives, on this planet. We'll set down alcohol and other substances for the week. But there will be chocolate: ¡Claro que sí! We will greet the full moon over the bay. And we will leave not only renewed but with a commitment to support that renewal together for the following year on monthly community calls. 

January 4-11, 2023, come: feel the rhythm of the waves and sync your heart to all that is, open to what is most clear and true for you. Renew your true vibrancy and let the ocean air call you to a life of mindful joy, of true choice, and of becoming, always, who you want to be.  Isn't it time to give yourself what you need to do better in this life?

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Your body 

The body leads the way; we learn to:

* Bring awareness to movement 

* Breathe to meet any moment

* Enjoy healthy, nutritious food and drink. We're doing this without substance use, including alcohol.

* Recognize emotional responses

* Accept and love your body

Your Mind

Experience how your mind can support you best to: 

* Be psychologically flexible for more options

* Soothe your inner critic and resentment

* Create your most vibrant inner landscape

* Give grief conscious space

* Turn off auto-pilot; choose your life

Your Community

We belong to one another with integrity when we learn to: 

* Create community consciously 

* Align with and stand for social justice

* See our wellness connected to purpose

* Set and hold effective boundaries

* Recognize and remedy power imbalances

What's included: The tangibles

The heart of this retreat is transforming our ways of becoming our most true selves. Piles of research suggest that we are more relaxed, more able to learn, and healthier when we are in nature. A deep experience of relaxation is part of the magic. So we gather in a delightful, nurturing, and life-giving way with a place that can support the work. I have carefully curated the more tangible aspects of the Be Well to Do Better experience. Here's what's included:

Before and after: We've got you. 

Included is a pre-retreat evaluation. We'll hop on a group Zoom call to meet and greet retreat members and finalize any details. After the retreat, we'll gather on monthly group calls for a year to continue building our community and support our progress. 

We'll gather you from the airport

Roundtrip travel from the Cancun (CUN) airport to the villa is included in the cost. Villa Mar Caribe is about 90 minutes from the Cancun airport. During our week, we'll visit area cenotes--fresh water caves--and other incredible area landmarks.

Discovery and transformation 

 Powerful coaching to help you create new ways of becoming. We'll leave with a body-mind-community vision for 2023. Daily movement, breathwork, meditation, writing, and engaging activities to support your whole being. 

Pure sustenance 

Includes seven nights in a king-sized bed luxury suite with private bath at an exquisite, beach-front villa on the quiet Soliman Bay. Includes all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also snacks, coffee, tea, water, and juices throughout your stay. 

What's not included: 

Airfare to and from Cancun (CUN). 
Any drinks or meals outside of planned menu. 
Any additional excursions we decide on as a group or as individuals to explore. 

Your investment: 

Come, find the care, holding, and guidance that will support the most true you.  Imagine yourself at the beach, watching the mighty sea waves hit the sand at your feet.  See yourself laughing, sharing, and exploring with other women leaders who are ready to do the work together. Remember, too, that deep relaxation is a significant part of our "work" here: Don't you love that? When you return home, you'll not only have the deep experience of wellness and a plan, but you'll have a community of women to support you and your wellness through the coming year.

 Here's how you can find out more: 

Please click here to book a one-on-one call with me, Anne O'Connor, to get the details, ask questions, and see if we're a good fit to do this work together. If we both feel great about it, you can register for the retreat. 

There are very few spots left in this retreat!  Take action now so you don't miss this heart-opening, life-changing experience. See you soon!  Anne

"Anne is a wonderful facilitator of women's groups...If you are on the fence about committing this time to the work of improving your physical and emotional health, get off the fence.  It's never too late, you are never to are never too young. You can feel better. You can feel happier. You can feel more in control of your life and your health...You won't regret it."

Metamorphix Client

"Anne is amazing--she's been through it...she is a human and equal like the rest of us. I never, ever felt like she's above us. She really wants to help each of us break the cycles that aren't serving us and create the life we want to live. We each have the capacity to do that. I now believe that because of Anne's class and guidance...She is very skillful how she facilitates the class...we're all in this together. It's so beautiful the way she does it. It's very genuine and authentic. It comes from her heart and her experiences. It's really effective."

Metamorphix Client

"Years later, I draw on the work that I did with Anne every day, multiple times.  Working with Anne is a really wise investment. It enhanced many of the relationships I have, helped me be able to set boundaries better and to be more present in relationships."

Metamorphix Client

Be Well to Do Better: the retreat

It's time, isn't it? Time to nurture your own mind, your body, and your community. To gain the skills, clarity, and support to keep becoming you--the most true and healthy and connected and effective you ever. Hop on a call with me, Anne O'Connor to:

* Get clear together about our commitments for the retreat

* Ask and answer any questions

* Make a decision and, if we're a go...

* Commit the resources and sign up!

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Are you ready to create a body, a mind, and a community that you love?

It's going to be an amazing adventure--I want you there with us! We'll be at the beach, in the waves, steeped in equal parts relaxation and revelation: let's be well so we can do better. Book the call!

xo, Anne

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